Tyler James here again, with another THE STANDARD guest post. Here we’re presented with another flashback page. This page reminds me how important a great letterer is to a project like this. From the old school caption to immediately clue the reader in that yes, we’re back in Silver-age flashback mode that opens the page, to the sound effects and dialog balloons, Kel Nuttal really helps this scene deliver the impact it needs.

And how can you not love the high five where only one of the fivers actually needs to jump?  

Before I tease tomorrow’s page, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for reading this story. John, Jon, Kel, and the rest of THE STANDARD team put in a ton of work on this series. I know they appreciate your time and attention as much as I do. So, as thank you, I wanted to let you know that ComixTribe is offering digital copies of THE STANDARD #1 and four more ComixTribe titles absolutely free.


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Tomorrow: Shadows of the Past