THE STANDARD creators John Lees and Jonathon Rector at New York Comic Con.

THE STANDARD creators John Lees and Jonathon Rector at New York Comic Con.



John Lees is a comic book writer best known for his work on acclaimed horror series AND THEN EMILY WAS GONE, with artist Iain Laurie. He first established himself with his debut comic THE STANDARD, which earned him a SICBA award for Best Writer.  His next project is OXYMORON: THE LOVELIEST NIGHTMARE, co-written by Tyler James and drawn by Alex Cormack, due for release in 2015.



Artist, Chapters 1-4, 5 (p1-14), 6 (p10, 14-22, 25-28)

Jonathan Rector is an Illustrator and Comic Book Artist based out of Ontario Canada. Projects he has done include, THE HERO CODE (published through Jamie Gambell, JESOP KING and concept work for the WORLDS IN PERIL and MUTANTS & MASTERMINDS tabletop RPGs. Visit for more art and video content.


Artist, Chapter 5 (p15-28), 6 (p1-9, 11-13, 23-24)



Colorist, Chapters 3-6, Flatter, Chapter 2

Born in 1981, Gagnon was a creative prodigy who began his professional career in 1998 at the age of 17, creating comics and writing film reviews. Since then Gagnon has worked in comics and graphic novels, journalism, film and television and more.


Colorist, Chapter 1

Artist, writer and president of Golden Goat Studios, Ray Dillon is an experienced creator who has worked with a variety of publishers, including Image, Archie, IDW and Vertigo.


Colorist, Chapter 2

Gulliver Vianei is an illustrator, animator and teacher based in Brazil, who has been working in comics for the past 10 years.


Flatter, Chapter 1

Mo James is a comics colorist.  THE STANDARD was his first published work.




Kel Nuttall “officially” began his career in comics as a writer and letterer in the year 2000, though he was active as a creator for years prior to that. His lettering credits cover the spectrum of the industry, from BEOWULF for mainstream book publisher HarperCollins to diehard self-publishers. He has lettered books for Arcana, Big Dog Ink, Blue Water, Devil’s Due, Digital Webbing, HarperCollins, IDW, Image and many others. Kel’s writing credits include the original graphic novel NOTHINGFACE as well as contributions to various anthologies and he has several more of his own books in development/production. He has also written for Big Dog Ink’s Island Tales series.




Steven Forbes is a writer/editor, best known for his Bolts & Nuts column, where he gives advice about all areas of creating comics; and The Proving Grounds, where he edits submitted scripts on a weekly basis. He’s also working on two sets of novels, the first of each should be available this year.