We talked on the previous page last week about how this issue got the title “Into the Sunset,” and it wasn’t about The Standard walking into his death.  So, now that we know this isn’t about Gilbert Graham’s final sunset, this page has the visual motif of a gradual sunrise, as we move forward into a new day, and perhaps a new era.

Last week, I also talked about how some more final appearances were coming up, and this is page is full of them.  In fact, I think I specifically crafted this page as a means of checking in on some of our ensemble one last time to let us say our farewells.  And so, goodbye, Dwight Dowalski, AKA The Skunk.  Goodbye The Corpse – this little snippet should hopefully give hope to those devastated by the shock death scene of Chapter 5.  Goodbye, Bill Finney, one of my favourites.  And goodbye, Jacqueline and Amy Harris, reunited at last.