It’s the triumphant return of THE SKUNK!

I absolutely adore that top panel as drawn by Jon Rector and colored by Mike Gagnon, with Kel Nuttall’s dynamic lettering the final dramatic flourish: The Skunk’s returned heralded by cascades of vomit.  Beautiful.

I really do love The Skunk.  He could be my favourite character in THE STANDARD, second only to The Standard himself.  Through my childhood I always found myself gravitating towards loser blue-collar villains like Rhino, Electro, Shocker, The Riddler, Mysterio or The Beetle, with something about their underdog quality being appealing to me.  And I channeled that into the creation of The Skunk.  In fact, though a few people now have talked about how they’d love to see a spin-off comic for The Corpse, if I were to do a spin-off comic featuring any character in the STANDARD universe, it’d most likely be The Corpse.  I even know what the basic premise of the story would be.  Maybe one day, ComixTribe!