And here we go, the penultimate chapter of THE STANDARD!

It’s fascinating to look at how Jonathan Rector’s art style evolved over the course of the series.  If you were to look at this page, and set it aside one of the pages from issue #1, you’d notice a drastic evolution.  It seems Jon had incorporated more of a manga influence into his style by this point, not just in the energy of his layouts, but in the proportions of his characters: look at young Zena in that second panel!

I also think Jon did some clever work here framing Zachary Zarthos as a threatening presence at first, before softening him and making him feel like a more sympathetic, likeable presence on the page.  That shifting dynamic will very much play a part in this chapter, in which our flashback segment is taken up by the life story of Zena Zarthos.  Readers who have been wanting more of her, this is the chapter for you!