Writer: John Lees

Artists: Jonathan Rector & Will Robson

Colorist: Mike Gagnon

Letterer: Kel Nuttall

Editor: Steven Forbes


As we embark on Chapter 5, and enter into what would likely be considered the third act of our overall story, the stakes start to rise, and the endgame enters into sight.  But there was also some drama going on behind the scenes with this particular chapter.  As you can tell by looking above at the credits, in this issue, another artist joins Jonathan Rector: Will Robson.  Hopefully, over the course of the commentary for this chapter, I’ll have the chance to chat to both Jon and Will about the issues that led to another artist coming onboard, offering a glance at some of the difficulties that can crop up in comics production, even amongst a passionate team that enjoys working together.

I also really like the cover of this chapter.  It perhaps didn’t get its full due at the time, as issues #5 and #6 got combined into a double-sized finale for the print release and we used the issue #6 cover for that edition, but Jon did strong, atmospheric work here.  And the spotlight on Zena Zarthos suggests that she will play a big role here…