And here we finally get a good look at Alex’s killer, and it’s… wait, who is that guy?  Some might view it as a cheat to set up a whodunnit, only for the killer to be revealed as someone who wasn’t already a character in the story… but hey, if it’s good enough for TRUE DETECTIVE it’s good enough for me, eh?

In the scripts, this character was called The Dawn, based on the “Project: Dawn” discussed by characters earlier in this chapter, though he’s never explicitly named in the comic, to my knowledge.  The specifics of who or what The Dawn is and why he’s on his killing spree will be revealed next chapter… let’s just say there are more surprises about this guy still to be revealed!

Here is some original concept art from back when Jon Rector and I were discussing character design for our Big Bad:


And now our 4th Chapter comes to an end, with our hero left in dire straits.  What happens next?  You’ll have to wait until next chapter.  But thankfully you won’t have to wait long, as after tomorrow’s intro, we get started on Chapter 5 next week!