So, The Standard and The Corpse have become reluctant allies… for now.  Be sure to keep reading to watch this unorthodox buddy cop caper unfold.

I should also point out that Jonathan Rector got a good old chuckle when I told him that the Corpsemobile was to be a grubby RV!

Speaking of RVs, a few folk at conventions have jokingly pointed out that The Standard is basically Walter White from BREAKING BAD.  So, let’s break down the similarities:

– Both are chemistry teachers.

– Both seem a bit lame and nerdy at first.

– Both know kids who walk on crutches.

– Now, both are part of an odd couple pairing that rides around in an RV.

So, a couple of similarities, but only on a surface level.  Most crucially, Walter White is rotten and resentful to the core under his humdrum exterior, while Gilbert Graham is all goodness and optimism.  That said, if Bryan Cranston wants to play Gilbert Graham in the movie adaptation of THE STANDARD one day, I’d be jumping for joy and shouting, “Yes please!”