This page of course turned out great, as all stuff drawn by Jonathan Rector is likely to do.  But here was an instance of a page not quite turning out how I imagined.  Originally, in the script, I had asked that, in that last “Who… wants… MILKSHAKES?!?!?!?!” panel, Gilbert be flashing jazz hands.  Jon sent me the page, with an apology that he didn’t know what “jazz hands” were, and so he went for the safer option of a good ol’ thumbs-up.  It was at this point that I realised Jon must not have watched FRIENDS and/or musicals as avidly as I.

We are now in the last week of THE STANDARD Ultimate Collection Kickstarter campaign, and, at the time of writing, painfully close to passing the $15,000 milestone.  At that point, as part of our rolling stretch goal, a slate of graphic novels will be donated to Ottawa Public Library, so let’s make it happen.  And then let’s keep pushing on past that towards $16,000 and beyond!  You can back the project here.