I’m not sure this page entirely works, looking back at it.  The point of it was to give us a glimpse of the true Zena Zarthos and her real motivations, and I guess that information is conveyed… and I have zero complaints with any of the contributions of the rest of the creative team here.  But on the writing end of things, it feels a bit clunky.  It’s a character speaking their motivations out loud in a monologue, which is always tricky at the best of times.  Plus, reading it now, I can’t help but feel like the chunk of dialogue in panel 3 is incomplete.  Like I raise a thought but don’t follow it through.  I’m not sure if I was intending it as her trailing off before changing the subject, but looking at it now it reads like a line is missing.  I guess as a writer, revisiting your old work isn’t always going to be enjoyable!