Goodbye, Corpse!

This was a rather shocking, controversial page.  I definitely got a bit of outcry at the time, as The Corpse was a favourite of quite a few readers.  It’s funny, The Corpse’s death at this moment was planned from pretty early on, probably as soon as I’d nailed the structure of the series down.  So all this stuff with The Corpse I wrote, I knew was heading to this point.  And yet, when it got near the moment to actually write the death scene, part of me hesitated.  See, through writing the character, spending time with him in my head, and seeing him come to life through Jon’s art and Mike’s colors and Kel’s letters, it was starting to feel like killing off someone I’d come to know and like.  But you’ve got to stand by those tough creative decisions, and in the context of the story as a whole, I still think it was the right thing to do.

Also, you’ll recall back on Thursday I said that the first 2 panels of Page 19 are significant.  Look back on them now, and you’ll see those are the exact moment Zena Zarthos decides to kill The Corpse.