This seems like a good place to highlight the dangers of aging yourself with pop culture references.  In that first panel, when Gilbert finds himself mobbed by reporters, in the script, one of them asks Gilbert, “What are your thoughts on Lady Gaga’s new look?”  With the delay between me writing the script and the page being drawn, though, I realised, when giving the script a final pass before forwarding it to Kel to letter, that the line had already become very dated.  I mean, who talks about Lady Gaga anymore?  Now it’s all about Taylor Swift’s latest outrageous look… though really, even that now feels a bit old-hat.  And that’s pop culture, isn’t it?  What’s ubiquitous and “hot” one minute is a forgotten curio the next.  I’m so glad that we never put that Gaga joke in the final comic, as if it was dated for me reading the script, it would feel VERY dated looking at it on the comic page now.

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