And we’re back with a new chapter!  We open with the classic “news report as info dump” trick, tuning in on the various members of THE STANDARD’s ensemble cast as they react to the news of The Standard’s return.  My favourite of these little vignettes has got to be The Corpse.  Jon just totally gets what I was going for with the character, straddling that delicate line between menacing and ridiculous.

THE STANDARD Ultimate Collection Kickstarter is still going strong.  We’ve passed $13,000 now, which means that, as part of our rolling stretch goal, another library will be getting a donation of ComixTribe graphic novels.  Once we reach $14,000, another library gets a donation, with the Carnegie Library of Homestead, PA next on the list.  We’ll keep on donating to libraries for every $1000 we raise, and there is a whole range of other stretch goals lined up too.  If you haven’t done so already, you can back the Kickstarter here.