No more Mr. Nice Gilbert!  After the various heartbreaks and frustrations that have piled up over the course of the issue, here we see Gilbert finally letting some of it out on Bill Finney.  But, because Gilbert is such a nice guy, no sooner has he clocked Finney than he’s helping him up to his feet.  And the additional reaction shot added in by Jon Rector helps hammer home how Gilbert instantly feels remorseful after punching Finney… even though I imagine it was nowhere near a full-force punch!

The part of this page I love most is the lettering.  Earlier in this chapter, Gilbert warned Finney that if he saw him again, he’d punch him, “right in the schnozz.”  Which is exactly what he does.  And, in that first panel, that’s what the sound-effect reads!  Letterer Kel Nuttall pulled the effect off wonderfully.