And we’re off!

The first big change you may notice here is that we’ve got a new colorist.  After Ray Dillon was unable to continue on the series past issue #1, Gulliver Vianei was able to jump onboard at short notice to fill in on this second issue.  He’s a gifted colorist, but his palette is more gentle and understated than the bold shades laid on the page by Ray, meaning it might feel a bit of a rough transition for some, and ultimately Gulliver didn’t stay past issue #2.  I still think Gulliver helped craft some lovely pages in this issue, though, as I’m sure you’ll agree as we move forward.

This page is also noteworthy for being the last page that Jonathan Rector drew in traditional pencil-and-paper fashion before making the shift to drawing digitally.  More on that later in the week!