Here’s our first look at the lettering style Kel Nuttall crafted to mark out our mysterious villain.  I love the effect… will be talking more about that later on.

A couple of little nuggets from this page.  The TV ad for Standard perfume reminds me of some early promotional stuff I ran on the official blog back when I was building up to the initial release of THE STANDARD.  I did some viral world-building stuff, with the blog originally taking place within the world of the story.  And one of the things I shared was some posters for fake products Alex Thomas had shilled over the years.  Here’s a look at those:

standard_buttcreamfinal standard_perfume

One other cool detail on this page – not in the script, but added in by Jon Rector – is how the TV in the background starts playing a slasher film when Alex realises there’s an intruder in the house.  It may have been partly down to Jon just really wanting to draw Jason Voorhees, but it works thematically too.

This seems like a good point to hit the weekend break… you’ll need it.  Because starting next week, the story takes a dark, crazy turn.  Be sure to check it out!