This heartbreaking scene gives us an idea of Caroline’s present condition, with the full reveal coming on Monday’s page.  It explains why we haven’t seen much of Caroline, and gives some new dimensions to Gilbert’s character, but it was a difficult scene to write.  I’ll talk more about it on Monday.

For now, I want to bring up that today is the last day of our Kickstarter campaign for THE STANDARD Ultimate Collection.  This morning, I woke up to discover that we had passed $16,500, which means we’ve hit the stretch goal to upgrade our deluxe hardcover into an oversized hardcover!  As anyone who has talked to me will know, this is a huge deal for me, as I desperately wanted to have a big oversized GN on my bookshelf.  We’re still keeping pushing, and our rolling stretch goal for donating to public libraries is still on the go – Cleveland Public Library is up next if we hit $17,000 – but everything from this point on in this final day feels like an extended victory lap for me.  You can still pledge to the campaign here.

And we plan to end the campaign with a bang.  All of you are cordially invited to our live streaming event tonight, running from 9pm EDT through to 11pm, and maybe longer.  That’s 2am-4am for you night-owls here in the UK!  There’ll be rewards and prizes being offered, guest appearances by various folks involved with the book, and just a chance to hang out and celebrate a successful campaign as the countdown clock ticks closer to zero.  I appreciate all your support, and I hope you’ll join me, the ComixTribe gang and more for a fun celebratory hangout.

If you want to attend, RSVP here!