I’ve always had a soft spot for jobbing, low-level supervillains who didn’t seem to have much ambition beyond robbing banks.  Characters like Rhino, Electro, Captain Cold, The Riddler… at times attempts have been made to make each one darker and more murderous, but I’ve liked them best when portrayed as not being particularly evil, but just getting by with the skills they have.  I thought it was a fun dynamic, having villains who didn’t really want to kill anybody, where their battles with the heroes were almost a game of sorts.

It seems villains like this are less common these days, and so this sad little moment is reflective of that.  The days of The Skunk and his ilk are gone, with more sinister menaces like Piper rising to take their place.  And this is a moment where The Skunk realises the world around him is getting darker, and there may no longer be a place for him.

But don’t worry, there is still a place for you in THE STANDARD Kickstarter campaign!  Smooth transition, eh?  We announced our stretch goals over the weekend:


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