This and tomorrow’s page provide another example of a sequence I now love and which feels utterly integral to the fabric of the chapter, which wasn’t in the original draft.  In the first draft of THE STANDARD #2 at the script stage, we went straight from yesterday’s page to what is now page 5.  And much of the exposition covered in these pages was covered in a scene later in the chapter, where Gilbert meets up with a character called Dwight Dowalski at a bar.  But after some chatting with editor Steve Forbes, we agreed that this first draft felt very rushed, with too many short scenes, creating a sense of jumping around frantically and never really settling on anything.

So, the solution we settled on was to snip out that scene and push back the introduction of Dwight until issue #3, and then have that information we wanted covered instead be conveyed here.  It works out much better, I feel, as I like having Gilbert in the classroom, and it gives us a little bit more of his current status quo before it gets dramatically upended.