Another one of my favourite pages, this one is noteworthy for marking the introduction of… THE FRYING SCOTSMAN!

The Frying Scotsman seems to have emerged as a real favourite amongst readers, despite Bill Finney only ever appearing in this “villainous” alter ego in this one scene.  People frequently bring him up, and whenever I’m pitching the comic to new readers on the convention floor, I’ll usually flip to this page, because it almost always draws a smile.  Attendees at Scottish cons like the familiarity of a Scottish-themed character, which is pretty rare in comics.  And when I travel to the US, the Scottish factor adds to the charm of my quaint, exotic Scottish accent.

One of the highlights of my time as a comic creator came as a result of the Frying Scotsman.  It was Glasgow Comic Con 2013, and who shows up at my table but… The Frying Scotsman!  Here was the first example of somebody cosplaying as a character from something I’d written, and it was mind-blowing!